About Plantway

There continually exists a strong need for a durable and reusable seedling tray within the vegetable and ornamental propagation and transplant market. Plantway Inc. originally engineered, developed and marketed injection molded seedling trays to greenhouses, nurseries and growers primarily in North America and the UK. In 2001, Jatco, Inc, the original development and manufacturing partner of Plantway, Inc., acquired the product line of seedling trays. Today, Plantway’s original product line has been improved and expanded by Jatco, Inc. to provide growers with all their seedling tray needs and more.

About Jatco

Jatco, Inc., located in Modesto, CA near the San Francisco Bay area, has been molding quality plastic parts since 1976. With 30 molding machines, an array of assembly, decorating and ultra-sonic welding and insertion equipment, fully operational tooling, engineering and quality departments, Jatco can provide complete manufacturing services to any customer. Our proximity to the Port of Oakland, rail car access adjacent to both main buildings and over 102,000 square feet of production and warehouse space on over 5 acres of land provide plenty of manufacturing, distribution and storage capacity for product, large or small.

Today, Jatco has expanded their custom plastic molding operations to include a number of proprietary product lines. You can find out more about Jatco (www.jatco.com) and some of our other product lines (www.testcylinder.com) via the internet or call us at 510-487-0888.