Finance & Leasing

Available in the USA and Canada for purchases over US$5000, Hard plastic, injection molded trays make sound financial sense as they reduce the overall unit cost of production when viewed over several years. However, for some growers the initial investment can represent a significant hurdle, so to overcome this Plantway has developed a payment schedule that enables you to pay for your trays as the benefits of the investment come in. For example, customers may pay over a few years or just to defer payment until the highest income point of their season. The Plantway leasing finance system is easy to set up, all you need to do is decide the period of time over which you wish to spread the cost, fill in a simple form and the agreement can be set up quickly, with approvals sometimes within a couple days. Payments can be fixed for the entire lease term if you wish. Our leasing partner will work with you to match a payment schedule to your cash flow. Payment can be monthly, quarterly, twice a year or once a year. Irregular payment schedules can also be fixed and the first installment can be delayed for up to six months. A leasing arrangement will not effect or reduce existing credit arrangements that you may have with your bank or other financial institutions.

The following is an example of an annual payment scheme ideal for a nursery where December is the best cash month. It has an effective annual rate of 10.362%. (Call to get prevailing rates quotes) In June, you initiate a lease plan for $50,000 to cover trays and delivery.

June 2013 First payment $5,000.00
December 2013 Second payment $10,761.83
December 2014 Third payment $10,761.83
December 2015 Fourth payment $10,761.83
December 2016 Fifth payment $10,761.83
December 2017 Sixth payment $10,761.83
December 2018 Final payment $5,000.00

The two most popular options offered are:

  • No down payment, monthly payment for up to five years with a balanace payment at the end to obtain full title.
  • Annual payments for up to five years with first payment made at onset and annual payments made at a time to suit your cash flow. A balance payment is made at the end to obtain full title.


CONSERVES CAPITAL FOR THE GROWER Removes the need to dip in to valuable capital reserves.

PROVIDES ALTERNATIVE CREDIT Will not affect any credit arrangements you may have with your current bank or other financial institutions.

FLEXIBLE Choose a repayment program to suit your business plan, either monthly, quarterly, annual or at specified key times.

CASH POSITIVE Plantway trays will increase your profits when compared with alternative trays. With the Plantway lease plan, you can pay for your trays as the extra profit arrives just like a credit line. Ask us to prove this. If you don’t believe us, we can demonstrate the profit increase and the ‘cash positive’ nature of this system.